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Our Mission

     The Asian Bar of Las Vegas is the oldest and largest non-profit association of attorneys who are passionate about serving the Asian community in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. 


     We support the professional growth and advancement of our members, cultivate an understanding of the issues facing the Asian legal community and the Asian community-at-large, and promote the involvement of our members in the greater community.


     We are a resource and a network for all and hope to grow the Las Vegas community. We represent the interests of Asian and minority attorneys, judges, law professors, legal professionals, legal assistants or paralegals and law students. We aim to improve the study and practice of law, and the fair administration of justice for all by ensuring the meaningful participation of Asians and minorities in the legal profession. 


     We invite all members to become active in planning and implementing ABALV’s services, programs, and events by joining a committee, or by volunteering to help with an event. 


     For more information about ABALV, please e-mail


We are committed to the advancement of Asians in the legal profession and the empowerment of the Asian community through service and advocacy

The History of ABALV

The Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas (ABALV) was founded on June 14, 2002 to promote fraternization among Asian Americans working in the legal profession in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Additionally, the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas strives to connect all lawyers, law students, law professors, and judges that are interested in promoting the legal issues faced by Las Vegas’ Asian-American community. Therefore, membership to the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas is open to all law students, lawyers, and organizations that are interested in the legal problems that the Asian-American community of Las Vegas is currently dealing with.

Members of the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas enjoy attending the many events that the ABALV puts on throughout the year. The Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas regularly hosts lectures by a variety of different speakers on different topics that are related to both the practice of law and the Asian-American community for its members’ edification. Members of the Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas frequently attend the numerous social events to socialize and network.

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